I am now including Harner Shamanic Counseling in my practice. Harner Shamanic Counseling is a process designed by Michael Harner after many years of study that uses the principals of core shamanism to aid a client with a specific condition or concern over a period of several weeks. This process is based in non-cultural shamanic techniques aided by modern technology. Having experienced this process myself during training, I can enthusiastically recommend its effectiveness. The client will leave the process with the tools to use this technique on their own if they so choose.

     The Shamanic Voyages trip to the Amazon will be accepting applications for registration soon. This will be a retreat for shamanic practitioners and students to learn about the Amazon and its shamanic traditions by engaging in ceremonies and initiations while living in the jungle for two weeks. Go to www.ShamanicVoyages.com for more information. Shamanic Voyages is also on Facebook.

15/July/2018 Update

     Greetings from the midst of summer! Our Shamanic Journey Drum Circle will be resuming on the second Tuesday of August, and each second Tuesday after that until further notice.  I am still working on this website sporadically while working on my other projects and taking care of some personal issues, but drums are being built and trips are being planned, ( www.ShamanicVoyages.com ), so if you have any interest in joining in for any of these activities or want to schedule a workshop or session, either leave a remark or email me at Mail@Drummingcrow.com

     I also have had recent inquiries that call for a clarification here. Shamanic healing work is an interactive process that engages both the realms of spirit and our ordinary reality. Some of the techniques that shamanic practitioners employ work best when both practitioner and client are fully immersed in the experience. In other words, together in the same space and time. I find this true for Soul Retrieval and Extraction work especially. This is why I think it is best in most circumstances to locate a trained practitioner near you for this work. Though there are exceptions to this under certain conditions, I hold this as a general policy. I am happy to work at a distance for diagnosis, divination and other shamanic services, as well as helping to locate a practitioner in your area. And as always, an initial consultation via Skype, Messenger or some similar service is free of charge.

     My Facebook page for Drummingcrow Drums is being built and will be announced soon, but until then, please check out Shamanic Voyages on Facebook to see what else we're up to!