January 15, 2019 Update

Happy New Year!

Not that I make resolutions, but I was determined to finish this website build for 2019, and with the help of a bad chest cold that has kept me in bed, I’ve finally done it! Keeping it updated will be the chore now.

What’s new is the inclusion of a new workshop, ‘The Way of the Shaman’. This will be offered through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, for whom I will teach. I have long supported the FSS and its work, and now look forward to giving back a bit for all they have helped me accomplish. Dates and details of workshops that I teach will be posted here, as well as on the FSS site www.Shamanism.org

Shamanic Voyages has been to Peru twice and Bolivia once this past Year, enriching the connection to shamans from other lands. This summer it will be returning to Mongolia and in the Fall it’s back to Peru and Bolivia for a return to the Andes. Check out the latest on www.ShamanicVoyages.org

Most of the drum making has been private instruction this past year, so I’m asking for a little help with sponsorship. If you think you could pull together some friends, I’ll consider teaching smaller groups if we can make the numbers work.

I wish everyone well in this new year, we each have a lot to accomplish, for ourselves, each other and for the Earth. May the winds be at our backs!