Terms & Conditions



      Because the appearance of natural hide varies, your drum will likely look somewhat different from the examples shown in the photos. Natural color variations, scars and other markings will often be present, giving each drum an individual look. I can only guarantee the species of the hide and your choice of Maple or Cedar frame. Returns based on appearance only, will not be refunded. Exchanges for a drum of the same size and species may be offered at your shipping expense, contact Mail@Drummingcrow.com  Repairs due to defects in materials will be repaired with shipping costs refunded, but please take good care of your drum. Damage due to abuse or neglect is not covered.


Drum Making Workshops

     Workshops can be scheduled by request for from ten to fifteen people. The cost will vary depending on location and specific content of the workshop offered. A basic introduction to how drums are used by various cultures is included in the content of the workshop. Instruction on how to journey is not included, as this requires in depth training for a sound foundation to journey sucessfully. I recommend taking the “Way of the Shaman” basic workshop offered by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, (see below). The drums we produce during the instruction are generally Elk on 15" Maple frames. We have chosen these materials due to the fact that they are the easiest to learn the process with. Other options are not out of the question, but will require more time, and be conducted in smaller groups. 

Please contact us for details and scheduling options. References are available upon request.

The Way of the Shaman

The way of the Shaman is a basic workshop inspired by the book of the same name, by Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. In his career as an anthropologist studying shamanism worldwide, Michael developed an instructional method called ‘core shamanism’, which teaches the universal and near universal concepts and techniques that he found among cultures that practiced these traditions. The FSS continues to offer both basic and advanced trainings in shamanism throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. The Way of the Shaman is a prerequisite for all of the advanced courses. A schedule of workshop offerings can be found at www.Shamanism.org or you can sponsor a workshop by contacting me on my contact page.